‘Josh is perhaps one of the more established painters that we now represent. We courted Josh for a while online and in the early stages he was actually opposed to working with us; he is very particular about and context and where he shows, which is a good thing, as it demonstrates that the artist is serious and has a clear strategy as to where they want to present their work. It was only until we showed him professional photos of our new Mayfair space last year that he was interested in opening a dialogue. We are now hosting his first major UK solo exhibition which has been a great success. We love Josh’s work because he is technically very accomplished painter, and the work has a real academic and art historical grounding, while also exploring contentious socio-political topics, good vs evil, religion vs politics etc.’   


Joshua Hagler is an American-born artist who refers to himself as a ‘working-class artist’ having not attended art school. He was born in Idaho in 1979 and lived and worked in San Francisco and Los Angeles before moving to New Mexico in 2017. His work is constructed by self-directed research and travel which cleverly integrates his creative influences with his life experience. His art often centres around the topic of religion which Hagler believes we find in every facet of culture. He works with a variety of mediums, in the past, he has exhibited paintings, sculpture, video and animation in galleries and museums in North and South America, Europe and even Australia. Hagler also has an interest in reading and writing poetry which he integrates with his artwork. In fact, the work that is on display at his current show comes from his ‘Book of Animals’ something he is currently working on, a collection of small paintings and short poems, each bouncing off each other.