We have been fans of Henry’s work since the conception of his iconic Jungle paintings. We were first introduced by a collector of the gallery and mutual friend, after which we were invited along for a studio visit. The work is other-worldly and unique; I don’t believe there is any other artist out there who has the confidence or skill to apply plasticine in the way he does (he also makes his own materials).  It’s such a creative and liberating way of working. They are paintings in the traditional sense but they are really sculptures. Henry is a savvy and astute artist – he is very much in touch with modern issues and is unafraid of creating work and exploring new techniques that speak to the times. He is currently developing a series of iPad paintings…  We have

been friends for many years and have gradually built a working relationship in the last year or two. We are hoping to do an overseas show together next year, most likely in the USA.  Unit Gallery

Henry Hudson, a graduate of Central St Martins, is a British artist who has been described as ‘an astonishing young painter.’ He uses a variety of mediums throughout his work but he is most well-known for his radical use of plasticine. He appreciates the theatrical and expressive qualities of the medium as it allows him to develop and express his passion for gestural expression. He also makes paintings, sculptures, etchings and occasionally performance-based work.

Hudson is largely inspired by the works of Van Gough and Kiefer who inspired his use of plasticine as he tried to replicate the thick surfaces of traditional oil painting. His work explores a wide variety of topics, from social stereotypes to mocking the madness of everyday life.


Plasticine on aluminum board  210 x 170 cm  henry-hudson.com/ insta @henryhudson_bk Images with thanks Unit London

Image with thanks Unit London