Picture a Sound



My first meeting with Kono, I think was in 2012, was when i was playing Unit in Tokyo and Gifu. Kono was the promotor of the night in Gifu. We were chatting when he divulged he was an artist, and subsequently showed me some of his work he had on his phone. Amazingly, he asked me to choose a painting which he gave me the next day before I left. We kept in touch from then on, and when I finally came up with the 6dimensions concept, who else would I choose for the artwork but Kono. Each release has one of six sections of the painting, so when all six releases are collected and placed together, the full painting is revealed; there are also limited signed and numbered screen prints available via the 6dimensions coming soon. SB


Kono ‘My personal paintings are made from oil pastel and acrylic. ¬†You can find more of my work on my facebook page’