Graduate Fashion Week 2019
Graduate Fashion Week is a charitable organisation that acts as the largest showcase of BA fashion in the world with over 60+ of the most influential and inspiring UK and international universities and colleges showing collections from their student’s final projects.

This year’s Graduate Fashion Week was held on 2nd – 5th June 2019 which showcased the fashion innovators of tomorrow with the four-day event.
It’s in its 28th year and continues to bring the latest innovative and exciting emerging talent to the world’s attention.

The images above of from the years campaign, different from last years as this year it started with the annual photoshoot where a selection of graduate designs are submitted for final selection by a renowned photographer and stylist whereas previous years annual photoshoot has been pulled together and curated by one esteemed creative and run by their professional team throughout.

The final entries were shot under the creative direction of illustrious fashion photographer Erika Astrid, and reputable stylist Jennifer Mertens, with 12 final year students, from courses showcasing at Graduate Fashion Week, being invited down to assist in the professional shoot at The Old Truman Brewery in East London.

Students were involved from start to finish on the day, there were also influencers and models including In The Frow’s Victoria Magrath, Style and Stylus’ Rashpal Amrit and The Evening Standard’s Chloe Street who were invited to come together to show their support for the Talent of Tomorrow.

The event featured lots of upcoming graduate fashion designers from Chelsea Flinn, James Siddons , Chloe Bagge, Billie Rose Hart , Jessica Parsons, Nid Matomela , Ellie Thomson , Agnese Balsamini , Brian Mc Lysaught , Charley Parr, Demi Hardy , Jasmine Farmer , Jogaile Zairyte , Katherine Jane Watts , Lisa Gerstenfeld , Margaret Sam , Megan Grinham , Mikkel Kunze , Venus Chen , Alexandra Fan and Carline Zhous.

Brian MC Lysaght from Edinburgh College of Art was the main winner of the night as he won not one but three prestigious awards – the Christopher Bailey Collection of the Year Award, the Considered Design Award and the Hilary Alexander Trailblazer Award.

His menswear collection was made from sustainable and biodegradable wood, paired with organic and recycled fabrics, which was inspired by the role of clothing in 20th Century decolonisation movements, the Swadeshi movement in India.
Other winners include Alexandra Fan also from Edinburgh College of Art who took home two awards the Womenswear Award and the David Band Textiles Award, Greg Brears from Birmingham City University who received the Menwear Award, Rosie Baird who scooped the George Catwalk to Store Award.

Pic 1 -
Left hand side
Designer – Agnese Balsamini (Academia Costume & Moda)
Model – Kayoung
Voluminous blouse and see-through skirt
Her voluminous and transparent designs took inspiration from the Icelandic singer Bjork along with the designs and vibes given by Kengo Kuma’s architecture.
Pic 1 -
Right hand side
Designer – Brian Mc Lysaught (Edinburgh College of Art) + previous left hand side designer’s pic
Model – Joseph
Wooden turtleneck and trousers
Brian’s design was inspired by the role of clothing in 20th Century decolonisation movements, the Swadeshi movement in India, when creating his wooden designs.

Pic 3-
Left hand side
Designer – Margaret Sam (Kingston University)
Model – Joseph
Outerwear, Shirt and Trousers
Margaret Sam’s collection is inspired by the duality of her heritage, being British-Chinese and living within multi-culturalism has set the foundation for her final collection titled; Where Are You From?
This design, is about cultural identity, encouraging cultural collaboration, and celebrating our similar and different heritage as a cosmopolitan society.
Right hand side
Designer -Lisa Gerstendfeld (Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts)
Model – Kayoung
Bardot Top and Printed Flares
Lisa was inspired by psychedelic mushrooms in the design process of her garments.
The design was also influenced by the 1960′s Psychedelia subculture, prints and embellishment inspired by Psychedelia posters from the 60s, rich and colourful clothing of Jimi Hendricks , visual effects of psychedelics.

Pic 5
Left hand side
Designer – Jasmine Farmer (Nottingham Trent University)
Model- Victoria Magrath
Trousers and an Oversized Jumper
Jasmine’s design expresses a feminine take on braille through female nostalgia. Sensory elements of knitwear are being explored by creating intricate knit structures that reflect braille.

Pic 5
Right hand side
Designer – Venus Chen (University of Portsmouth)
Model- Rachael Sealy
Venus was inspired by Pareidolia in the design process of her oversized jacket.
This collection asks the viewer and wearer to question how we relate to each other and what we see as normal; is seeing faces in things a worry or an enjoyable part of being creative, as mental health and wellbeing issues are increasing and on the rise.

Pic 2
Left hand-side
Designer – Demi Hardy (Southampton Solent University)
Model – Jade Pearl
Oversized padded jacket, wide jeans and inner showerproof jacket
Demi’s colourful look was designed to represent a sense of rebellion against growing up and dealing with both the responsibilities and realities of adult life.
A voice of protestation is being emotionally expressed through bold prints and slogans, padded garments and oversized silhouettes embody a child in an adult world.
Pic 2
Right hand side
Designer – Jogaile Zairyte (University of Portsmouth)
Model- Kayoung
Oversized coat and Trousers
Jogaile’s sustainable collection is inspired by Japanese culture and beliefs, embracing different hand-crafted techniques and natural hand-dyeing methods. Natural and organic materials such as hemp, cotton, bamboo, silk, linen were used for the collection.

Pic 4
Left-Hand side
Designer – Alexandra Fan (Edinburgh College of Art)
Model – Joseph
Jacket and skirt
Alexandra was inspired by her hometown of Guizhou, the coexisting rhythm and chaos of the urban village.
The inspiration was also drawn from the idea of the individual life trajectory and collected people’s footprints, which were developed into a part of the 3D texture on her material.

Right hand-side
Designer – Carline Zhou (University of Salford)
Model – Kayoung
Top and skirt
Endless Love was the inspiration behind Carline’s collection. For this design, the concept was a modern dream wedding, with stained glass windows being the primary inspiration for the design.

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