Great design matter. Design is transformative, design is life. Design makes the world a simpler and better place to be.
Design evolution usually makes its biggest impact with the invention of new materials to build with. Think back to the invention in the 1980′s of Lycra and the impact it had. Up until then, clothes designers that wanted close body clothes had to used knitted fabrics that began to sag after a while of wearing.

Lycra changed the absolute face of fashion by allowing clothes to literally hold to the body’s form and shape, to literally cinch you in. Body-con was born from 80′s technology It meant not just fashion shapes changed radically but it was the first time the catwalk saw sportswear paraded. The meeting of creativity and technology is a factor that has affected so much of the world of fashion but never really been given its due.

Another way we see design change is with collaborations They are everywhere on the catwalks to digital platforms. When you bring together two minds rather than one it can only add another facet.

So when creative thinking comes together with technology creativity, there is likely to be an explosion. Not in an overload kind of a way, as we are all too overloaded with unnecessary design but bringing something to the table that defines our existing world but also something we fall in love with that is addictive and sublime.

Rado world leader in technological materials utilised in watchmaking has collaborated with two designers who have bought some truly unexpected and stunning results. Ideas that could never have been born by each separately, but the sharing together have bought along fresh dynamic ideas.

a rado

Firstly, they have collaborated with Spanish industrial designer Inma Bermudez; known for taking everyday objects and raising them up by bringing her design ethic to them and working with Rado was her first venture into watchmaking.

Working with the thinking that a watch is a piece of jewellery Inma played with the True Thinline and took the ideas of the facets of a cut diamond, using sapphire crystal – a material technology Rado has used since 1962, she created the dial of the watch like the facets of the cut diamond giving the illusion of a porcelain diamond faceted relief to the watch. This design is totally groundbreaking in watchmaking and highlights the brilliance of where the designer and the brand meet and marry.

True white

The illusion of reflection and refraction with a watch of only depth and thickness of 5 mm thick, the brands thinnest watch is quite remarkable. But adding to the illusion is the decoration of 12 tiny diamonds at the outer edges of the dial as well as subtle gold colour detailing that draws the eye and adds warmth to the icy, porcelain look of the True Thinline Gem.

The watch comes together as both hard and soft light and bright; the hard white porcelain illusion with the soft sparkle of diamonds and gold to present one of 1001 limited edition watches.

Russian artist and designer Evgenia Miro brings a very different style to the collaboration with Rado to the table. Known for her iconic drawing on emblems and motifs that trace their origins back through centuries of storytelling from her homeland.

She worked on a micro scale with high-tech ceramic for the watch she has co-created with Rado.
Again working with the iconic Rado true thinline this time using deep navy blue that has a philosophical and symbolic colour for her, making this initially very personal. The watch is engraved with a feather motif across the dial between 1pm and 7pm our most active time of day bird’s feather creates a new philosophy of time with its lightness and dynamic rhythm of fine lines.

This brings a sense of lightness and freedom to the case and bracelet of the watch the feather motif on the dial is offset with rose gold that brings a warmth to the pice and is set of with a rose gold log of the brand


To Evgenia, the symbol of the bird stands for tenderness, wisdom, and refinement as well as for freedom and she chose to place it on the case back where it is worn next to the skin. The bird she has chosen is opulent and proud, its red and gold plumage symbolising warmth and light – a theme often-seen in her work. The bird is digitally printed on the sapphire crystal case back making it another first for Rado, the brand synonymous with moving materials and technology in watchmaking forward more than any of the watch brand- a first at Rado.