It’s Time

From 1984 my interest in music was sparked by Dub Vender – a record shop that opened in Clapham Junction. I would pop in on my way home from school, just stand around and listen. This is also where I would hear people talk about the Jah Shaka sound system happenings. When it became time to get a job, I knew I could start collecting music and build up my small vinyl collection. Because of this, any friends having parties knew I was the go-to person asked to play; after all I had the music…

By around 1985/86 a Pirate radio called LWR built a sound system based on a reggie sound system and started putting on parties at Battersea Arts Centre, St Martin in the Fields crypt and Project club. At the same time I started going to London club nights like Westworld, Shake and finger pop, Soul to Soul at the African Centre, alongside collecting rare groove and hip hop records.

At some point around 1987/88/89 I walked into Spin off records and Jazzy M was playing Liz Torres’ ‘What you make me feel’; that was the moment my House music collection began. Then, of course, came the Acid house explosion; luckily for me my friend Glyne passed one of my mix tapes to Tin Tin and I was invited to play at an Energy party in WestWay film studios, where I became resident for Energy, along with Fabio and Grooverider. I also played a few of the infamous orbital raves, like World Dance and Humanity.

Towards the end of the 80′s and into the 90′s I was looking for something alternative to the big raves, so I played at the Downham Tavern alongside Tony Wilson and Andy Nichols, and I held the first ‘Lost’ party, which was in the Park club in Kensington. Andrew Weatherall played that night. Then I started a night with Blaine named Kazoo in the basement of the Paddington Hotel and held one-off nights at the ICA. By then I had a few residencies like Thursday at The Zap club in Brighton, Friday’s at the Wag, Saturday at the Brain, and I also recorded the first Lost release with longtime Friend Nigal, which was picked up by Paul Oakenfold’s label, Perfecto. By now I had started co-promoting other nights, like Love and Sex.

The early 90′s saw a move from Perfecto to Mute records (Nova Mute). By late ’91, the first of the regular ‘Lost’ parties started in a photographers studio in Camden, moving on the The Vox in Brixton and then various locations around London.

I was by ’93 producing music, traveling to DJ around the world and had started Cosmic records. However, I was burnt out and bored, so by 2005 I stopped producing music and didn’t really start again fully, until 2013 when I began to fall back in love with the whole of making and DJing. It started with a few Cosmic record release and some remixing .

However, as we draw towards the end of 2016, I’m deep into my new label 6dimensions (working alongside Dave and Alex of FatCat Records), as well as collaborating with Luke Slater and Dave Sumner, on LSD whilst relocating to Berlin to further my musical journey.

ps. If I had to choose a few non – dance records I couldn’t live without, here’s a small selection:

10cc – I’m Mandy

Simon Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence

The Beatles – A Day in The Life

The Doors – The End

Sun ra –  Sun Song

John Cage Music For Five-
Phillip Glass – Music in 12 Parts

Beastie Boys – Hold It Now, Hit It

Liz Torres – What You Make Me Feel

Elvis Presley – Love Me Tender

Steve Bicknell