Lucky me visited it back in February with my girlfriends, meaning I can now tell story of a special place!

It only takes about 40 minutes to walk there from central Copenhagen. After crossing the Knippelsbro bridge, you find yourself in Christianshavn, the neighbourhood where an old military base was converted into a hippie commune 45 years ago.


While walking around, we discovered a lot of signs reminding visitors and residents of the rules of Christiania, some of which are interesting – you are not allowed to take cars into the area, or wear bulletproof clothing, and hard drugs are strictly forbidden. However, soft drugs, such as cannabis are tolerated.

If you wanted to see various kinds of hash sold almost freely on the street then the Green light district, located on Pusher Street, is your place. Another sign greets visitors to the district, advising them not to take pictures while they are there, as it also is against the rules.

Christiania also has its own skate park. I discovered it when I saw a wooden sign, which read “Welcome to Wonderland”. This automatically made me feel like Alice and I felt the urge to go in. It is an indoor wooden bowl, a skate park “owned by none but ran by all”. The place doesn’t have an entrance fee or working hours, which makes it unique. Skaters are asked to give something back to Wonderland, be it respect and good vibes, their old board or a skate deck – whatever they can.


An afternoon spent in Christiania is like an escape from reality. Visitors are welcome to explore the area, walk around, have some food or drinks in one of the numerous cafés or restaurants, attend events at the Gay House or skate in Wonderland. Just remember to respect the locals and their rules, which you are reminded of by all the signs around.

When leaving, a final sign sends visitors off – “You are now entering the EU”. It was like going back to reality.