As an obvious celebration of spontaneity and the expression of pleasure, this black  and white photograph depicts a woman balancing her  palms against a  desolate beachfront.

Wearing a billowing pleated  skirt, reminiscent of Marilyn Munroe’s legendary 1954 shoot, this photograph aims to explore the contrast between observation and experience. 


Whilst the word ‘restless’ denotes irritability, the piece, inspired by Finn-Kelcey’s mother seems to convey a message of  physical freedom to observers.

The photograph has recently been used to raise awareness of Motor Neurone disease, a progressive condition affecting the nervous system, which Finn-Kelcey battled with for the eight months leading up to her death in 2014.

In honour of international handstand day and to show support towards others affected by the illness, The Restless Image was shared around the world on June 24th, 2017.

The Restless Image by Rose Finn-Kelcey 1975,
photograph shows Rose doing a handstand
on Dungeness beach in Kent.
Special thanks to Tim Cole and
MNDA (Motor Neurone Disease Association)