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ISOLATE by Flare Audio
‘Until discovering ISOLATE I’d never felt comfortable wearing ear protection. These are certainly comfortable and really work!” SB
The micro ear protectors by Flare Audio are the best thing in your carry on, especially on long haul flights. Unlike traditional foam earplugs, which try to absorb sound so it doesn’t reach your ears, Isolate are created to block the sound. They are made from aluminium and titanium, which may seem to be conductor of sound, but when covered by a soft foam, metals are perfect for blocking sound. When you put them in your ears, it feels like you 


lower the volume of your surroundings. Which means you won’t hear the airplane engine, and you can sleep undisturbed. Davies Roberts, founder of Flare, suggests that Isolate are also great at concerts and for DJing – you can still hear the music, but at a much lower level of both the sound and bass, which also allows you to hear details you may not have heard before.
The Isolate earplugs are designed to protect your ears against permanent hearing damage, while you can still enjoy gigs and motorsport, work in noisy environments and sleep undisturbed.

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