It is said that fashion fades and style lives forever, and however much this may have been true in days gone by it is not been the case in recent years, with the proliferation of casual wear drowning out any classic styling. But this season the first on a long time the catwalk was not dominated by sportswear or dare I say it leisurewear!

For the first time in a long time style, elegance beauty and glamour were back in fashion. From bright colours to feather trims the catwalk were awash with many feasts for the eyes and well quite frankly to wear for winter 19-20.

Firstly the 70′s ladylike swishy skirts worn with silk blouses and matching/mismatching scarves, handbags, yes those ones you carry in your hand with sunglasses and very fancy tights.  Feel free to sashay in this return to feminity that has a clean Parisian edge.

Colours went rainbow so instead of the usual dark jewel colours of black and grey there was the colour of the season yellow; bright all the way to egg yolk yellow, with every other colour of the rainbow present. Worn head to tow they shouted from the rooftops I am here!


Feathers were BIG again as were any an adornment from bucket hats to uber large bags, high pointy heels, wide square 80′s shoulders and capes were a-plenty. Offsetting this was the return of the suit.  Whether it be the blazer over skirts or full head to toe trouser suits for both men and women suiting is big news all over again; see it almost as a reaction or even dare I say the anti-trend trend; it feels so utterly against the grain after so much sportswear that it’s the coolest statement for the season.

Lace bows applique floaty asymmetric hems so basically its time to be a lady again. Even for men, skirts were a-plenty but the trend of feminine influence in menswear is still present but becoming far more integrated into the men’s fabrics and colours as well as shapes.

Grunge presented itself again both for men and women with plenty of black around for an emo feel.  Checks mix with heavy black boots along with a smattering of punky tartan.

Don’t throw away your trainers as they are not gone forever but it is time to start to practice walking in those heels again.

JW Anderson cover

Jo Phillips

Catwalk Image J W Anderson

Main slider Image Chanel